Buckling special - $50 (Traphill)

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Surprise ! We have 5 Nigerian Dwarf bucklings ready for new homes. From Registered parents, but they are not registered.
CAE neg herd. Guaranteed healthy, they are weaned and eating grass. Come when called. A couple of them are super super friendly and follow you around wanting to be petted. They have been handled by the grandkids, and were partly bottle fed, ( moms are all super friendly).

Bucklings:Two polled dark brown w few white spots, brown eyes ( twins) $50 each
Buckling: Horned, blue eyes, lots of white, splashy colors ( triplet) $50
Buckling: Horned, blue eyes, tan w white side spots, ( triplet) $50
Doeling : Horned, blue eyes, lots of white, splashy colors( triplet) $175 super cute, friendly, long line of triplets
Buckling: Horned, blue eyes, grey , dark grey, white spots ( twin) $50
Buckling: Horned, blue eyes, roan beige with white spots ( twin) $50
Buckling: Horned, blue eyes, loud splashy colors, thinks he's a lap dog ( single) $75
Buckling, older 8 months, polled, chocolate with moon spots, blue eyes $100
Doeling : Tan, horned, blue eyes, little white spot ( twin) $150

We also have 2 ADGA adult bucks and 6 ADGA adult does, and have unrelated stock if you want a breeding pair.
I was in an accident and will be unable to milk the goats for a few months, so w are reducing the herd.

Texts are coming through the best, my phone is sending unknown numbers directly to VM due to spam. Please leave a message!
Messages and texts checked every couple hours if I miss you:D. Please no Emails , not able to open them.

I'm not able to go out and get more pictures, and if you're like me you LOVE pictures. So I apologize in advance.
If you do want goats, come on out and meet the gang, I'm sure you will find one or more that you like. Willing to negotiate in person, not over the phone.


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